Walt Disney Studios Dumbo DVD Blu-ray Release Party

Last night we were invited to Walt Disney Studios in Burbank for the Disney Dumbo Blu-Ray and DVD release party. It was a circus themed party hosted by Disney and Erin Ziering. It was probably one of the best nights ever. The party was held in Legends Plaza, which is one of my favorite areas on Walt Disney Studios property. You just feel the magic once you set foot inside the studio. Walt Disney Studios is not open to the public, so you have to be invited on to the property.  Every time I get invited and I am able to attend an event at this amazing place I just feel so blessed.  Thank you Disney and Erin for including me and my family last night. We had the best time.

The amazing swag bags!  We got the Dumbo DVD, Dumbo ears, sunscreen, Dumbo plush dolls, movie posters, coloring pages, and more!

Just like the movie Dumbo, the entire party was a circus. There were games, arts and crafts, cotton candy, snow cones, hot dogs, pretzels, kabobs, candy, cakes, cookies, cakepops, face painters, balloon artists, magicians, fun photo ops and so so so much more!

The hostess with the mostess was Erin Ziering.  Thank you again for having us.  We just love you and your family.  How beautiful is her Dumbo dress?!

I always love seeing Kathy.

Paulyn is one of the best!  I just love her.

Emily is your Disney Queen!  Anything you need to know about Disneyland, she is your girl!

Jenny is one of my very best friends.  We have kids the exact same age and I just adore her and our kids love each other so much!  We do a lot with Jenny and her family.

Love these hard working mamas!  Kathy, Jenny, Erin, Jenielle, Sally

And Carly too!

And Angela too!

It was so nice meeting DeAnna.  She was so sweet and we have daughters the exact same age.

Meeting Tammin was so cool.  She just had a baby and I loved her on Pretty Little Liars.

What a great night!  Love these girls!  Jenny, Jennifer, Erin, Sally, Denise, Jenielle, Carly, Amy, Celeste, and Ashley.

It was so nice meeting new friends and visiting with old friends. Our kids all got to run around and play, make crafts, and have the best time. It was a magical night.

I swear Jenny and I did not even plan this.  We all showed up and our kids had on matching shirts!  Gotta love Target!

These two girls are the sweetest!

Love these two boys.

Kennedy waiting to get her face painted.  If you know Kennedy, getting her face painted is her jam.

Balloon animals!

A gold Dumbo!

This cotton candy stand Lee'Poof was amazing.  They made cotton candy shaped as Dumbo!

All of the decor and treats were just amazing!

I decided to make an old Dumbo VHS case into a purse for the party.  It was so easy.  All you need is a VHS case, a drill, hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks, scissors, fabric, metal rings, and a purse strap.  Blake drilled 4 holes, two in the outer corners of the back half of the VHS.  This makes it so the front of the VHS opens.  After the holes are drilled I placed my metal rings through the holes and clamped them closed.  Next find some fun fabric and line the inside of the case.  I found some Dumbo fabric at Joann Fabrics and used the actual VHS tape and just layed the tape over the fabric and traced it and cut it out and glued it into the VHS case.  After that your VHS purse is basically done.  I used one of my old vintage Louis Vuitton straps for this VHS purse but you can use any old purse strap or a fun chain or whatever you can think of.  You could even use ribbon.  This VHS purse does not hold a lot of things, but I basically made it for the party.  This VHS purse literally cost me less than $5 to make.  I had to purchase the Dumbo fabric and the VHS case.  I had everything else.

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Dumbo comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on June 25th. You can read my review about the movie here.

The best thing about Legends Plaza are these two amazing statues.

You can click here on how to make these Dumbo and Timothy costumes!  Halloween will be here before you know it!

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Click here for Dumbo coloring pages