It's Good To Be Bad With Descendants 3

Get ready to rejoin your favorite band of misfits in Disney Descendants 3 as Mal, Evie and the rest of the gang head back to the Isle of the Lost to take on a spellbinding new adventure.

With the new Disney Descendants 3 collection from Hasbro, your favorite Descendants characters come to life in fashions inspired by the new movie. Get your first look at these unique and wicked looks in an assortment of stylish fashion dolls, or completely transform your look with the Dragon Queen Mal doll. 

We always love a good happily ever after, but fairytale life can be so overrated. Tune in to the Disney Channel this August when the Descendants 3 movie premieres.

Kennedy loves Disney Descendants. Her favorite character is Evie. She is sweet and just wants happiness in Auradon.

Dragon Queen Mal is so cool. Push down the button on Mal's back to recreate Mal's transformation from VK to dragon! It also includes a dragon-inspired headdress and a pair of bold boots.

Mal is fierce and will do whatever she has to do in order to protect her friends and Auradon.

Dizzy is one of my personal favorites. She is just so excited to start a new life on Auradon.

These new dolls will be available at most major retailers nationwide very soon.

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