Aloha Memories With Flytographer

We come to Hawaii at least once a year and I have always wanted family photos on the beach. I feel that the days go by so fast the older we get and it is important to me to cherish these moments and memories with my family. I was introduced to Flytographer recently and we were able to make Hawaiian memories to last a lifetime. 

Flytographer is a wonderful company that sets you up with an incredible photographer wherever you are, whether it's Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, you name it! Within 5 business days of your photo shoot you will get a beautiful gallery of images sent straight into your inbox. 

When we are on vacation it is so difficult to find a stranger to take a great photo of our family. Most of the time the photos are blurry, cutting off our heads or feet, and I dislike packing my big DSLR camera. I am already packing and carrying so much on the plane when we go on vacation, I always figure my iPhone photos will be just fine, but they really are not. Then I am trying to take selfies and fitting all four of us into one photo never works and trying to use a tripod with a timer never ends up with the best results. It has become so much work, and I don't know about you, but when I'm on vacation I simply don't want to work that hard. 

It is so nice to go on vacation with my family, but it is even more amazing to come home with beautiful photos that I can cherish and remember our time together. Flytographer is very affordable, which makes it even more amazing. The site is so easy to navigate - just put in your destination, and choose the photographer.

There were 5 photographers to chose from in Honolulu. I immediately loved Tara's profile and photos. She was named Best of Wedding 2019 Photographer by The Knot, she was also a ballerina for 16 years and she has 2 children. I knew immediately I wanted Tara because I loved her work, but also because she had kids and I knew she would be patient with Carter and Kennedy. After we met Tara she exceeded all of my expectations. She was so kind, easy going, great with Carter and Kennedy and her ideas and photos turned out amazing. I even found out she recently moved to Oahu in December and grew up in the Bay Area! That is such a coincidence because Blake and I went to college and worked and lived in the Bay Area for several years afterward.

I cannot explain in words how much photos mean to me. They are keepsakes of our lives, of moments that we will never get back. With Carter and Kennedy growing by the minute I was so happy I was able to capture these memories with Flytographer. This service is amazing, so easy to use and they are literally everywhere. So the next time you are planning a family vacation, an engagement, or anything else, make sure you book Flytographer

Flytographer also makes a great gift, and I have a gift for all of you. Use code ChristinaPatricio50 for $50 off when you book with Flytographer. It can be used toward a shoot or a gift card. It is valid until December 31, 2019.

Photo Credit: Flytographer, Tara, Honolulu, USA

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