Why We Love Fancy Nancy On Disney Junior

Last July when Fancy Nancy aired on Disney Junior Kennedy was hooked from the first minute. We immediately went to Barnes and Noble and bought every book we could find. Over the next several months we bought pajamas, costumes, sunglasses, figurines, plush dolls, downloaded the shows on her iPad and more. As a family we are huge fans of the show and I wanted to share with you why we love Fancy Nancy on Disney Junior.

We met Robin Preiss Glasser in Anaheim last October and she was just as lovely in person as her illustrations in all of the Fancy Nancy books. She spent time talking with Kennedy and drawing a butterfly on her hand and when I handed Robin all 21 books for her to sign for Kennedy she did not even bat an eye. She was happy to sign them all and addressed them to Kennedy too. We loved meeting her and will remember that day forever.

We love the super catchy songs that are in each episode. Before you know it you will be dancing and saying Ooh La La!  Each episode will teach your children new words like magnifique! Fancy Nancy uses a very expressive vocabulary, which is great for Kennedy and Carter to hear and learn. Kennedy can even count in French and knows several French words now from watching Fancy Nancy! 

Fancy Nancy encourages kids to be creative. Her imagination is so amazing on the show and in the books. She turns the ordinary into extraordinary. She always uses things she can find to create, decorate and be creative.  I hope it encourages Kennedy and Carter to design the world they want to be in, and get creative in their surroundings.

We love this show because of who voices the characters too! We have always loved Alyson Hannigan from How I Met Your Mother (she is the voice of Fancy Nancy's mom) and Rob Riggle from Modern Family (he is the voice of Fancy Nancy's dad). Also, while Kennedy was in the hospital in February for her intestine surgery Spencer Moss (the voice of Fancy Nancy's sister JoJo) reached out to me on IG to show her support. The cast is superb!

I love how each episode shows two short stories per episode.  Carter and Kennedy never get bored watching Fancy Nancy.  The two short stories go by quickly and it's like getting two new episodes in a half hour.  The shows are always about friendship, family, and life lessons.

We love that you can now meet Fancy Nancy in DCA in Hollywood Land.  Kennedy was so excited to meet her recently.  She is a great addition to DCA and we can't wait to see her again.  When you have a favorite character it is always nice to see them in person and be able to get your photo with them!

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