Soaring Into A New World Of Adventure With Hasbro's Disney Collection Aladdin Dolls

We are so excited to see Disney's Aladdin that comes out in theaters this Friday, May 24th. These amazing Disney collection Aladdin dolls came in the mail for Carter and Kennedy and they have been playing with them non-stop. They look just like the main characters from the movie. The outfits have the most gorgeous details.  You can even sing your favorite songs with the singing Jasmine and Genie dolls.  These 11 dolls will be treasured by Carter and  Kennedy, collectors and fans from all over. Kennedy has always loved Princess Jasmine and here are just a few reasons why I think Jasmine is an amazing Disney princess and why she has so much to teach girls all over the world.

You can find all the dolls here.

Jasmine is a heroine that refuses to be bound by the customs of her society. She will not allow her path in life to be chosen by her father or anyone else.   She is very independent, strong, and she is not afraid to speak her mind.  I hope Kennedy is always strong, independent and will speak up for things she believes in.

Jasmine is determined to find her own way. Jasmine does find her own way and as a result changes the society in which she lives. The focus of that change is marital law, and by the end of the story she can marry the man she chooses,
 NOT the one chosen for her.  I hope Kennedy listens to her heart and finds a love just like Aladdin.

Jasmine teaches girls that standing up for your beliefs, following your heart, and becoming your own person pays off in the end.  She is the sixth Disney princess, but the first Disney princess of color.  I hope Kennedy continues to learn from all Disney princesses.  They have amazing characteristics and they are strong, loyal, beautiful, smart and stand up for what they believe in.

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