An Activity My Kids Love That Does Not Involve The TV

We really limit the TV in our house. We usually allow only 30 minutes a day and they have to agree on a show after dinner while Blake and I are cleaning up the kitchen and preparing baths and bed time. But what do we do after school if we don't use the TV or electronics? I am here to share with you the kids' absolute favorite thing to do all day, every day. We even do it together as a family.

LEGO are Carter and Kennedy's favorite after school activity, or any time of the day activity. Carter has a LEGO table in his room and it is so helpful. We have millions of LEGO, but I will continue to keep purchasing them because they are seriously the best toy ever. They are mostly unisex and Carter and Kennedy play so well together. LEGO help the kids improve their fine motor skills, they learn to read and follow instructions with the booklet, and they also learn to be creative when you give them a box of random LEGO pieces.

Sometimes when the kids are playing LEGO I will even turn on an audio book for them to listen to and they just play and build for hours. I am serious. They play so well together when it comes to LEGO and I love to watch their minds get creative and explore different ways to build and make things.

It is also nice every once in awhile to purchase a new LEGO set.  My kids go crazy when I have a new set waiting for them in the morning at the booth where we eat.  This is even a great idea to do this summer.  Have a new set  maybe once a month waiting for them.  Every child loves LEGO and a new set is always fun.  With Toy Story 4 coming out in June, my kids are seriously counting down the days for this movie.  They want to collect all the Toy Story 4 sets and they especially love this one, the Carnival Thrill Coaster.  It is action packed and perfect for Carter and Kennedy to work on together.  I love this set because it includes 3 cars and 2 characters, which is enough for them to share and play nicely together.  There are several new LEGO Toy Story 4 sets and you can find them here.

I love that LEGO sets make their mark on children's minds and hands. They will thrive as they create easy-to-build LEGO building toy sets based on the Toy Story movies, spurring them on to stretch their imagination with creative play!  What are your favorite children's activities that don't involve the TV?

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