Plan Out Your Summer

I can't believe the kids have only a month left of school. I am so excited to have them home with me every day and no more hearing the alarm clock every morning! But with the kids being home every day I need be prepared and plan out our days, that way the kids don't get bored and we have the best summer ever!

The best part for me is that Carter and Kennedy are past the age of naps, so we can really plan our days out and enjoy every hour of the day. I need to have a balance of fun, free time, my work hours, household responsibilities, etc.  Here are some things I am planning to do and you can too.  It might help you be organized and have the best summer yet!

Make a summer bucket list of all the places you want to visit, things you want to do, etc.  I love doing this.  Last year we did so many amazing things and went on so many wonderful trips.  You can click here to read about all our fun last summer.  Blake is really busy during the summer, so I do most of these trips by myself with the kids.  Believe me if I can do it, you can too!

Plan out each day.  I am a BIG list maker.  I like to write down things that I need to do and accomplish each day before I go to bed every night.  So I make a list of activities, crafts, places we will go that day, swim lessons, etc.  It will help you stay on task and let your kids know what to expect each day.

Sit down at the end of each week and discuss what ideas everyone has for the upcoming week. I always love to hear what my kids want to do and ideas they may have.  I love to even look on Pinterest with them and find activities or crafts we can do together that are suitable for both indoors and outside.  Some days are really hot in Fresno, so I try to find activities for indoors as well.

Here are a few outdoor activities that we love: water balloon fight, swimming, running through the sprinklers, sidewalk chalk, bike riding, bubbles, and going to the zoo.

Here are a few indoor activities that we love: puzzles, board games, making homemade popsicles, baking together, playdoh, dance party, color or paint, and watching movies.

You could sign the kids up for a summer camp or sports camp, etc.  We don't do this, but I know for some parents it is nice because they have to work and don't want their kids to be bored with just a babysitter at home.  Carter and Kennedy take swim lessons, but we don't do any other camps.

Set a goal.  I like to try and set a goal with Carter and Kennedy for each summer, like something the kids have to accomplish before the new school year starts.  It can be learning to ride your bike, tying your shoes, brushing your teeth on your own, trying a new food, etc.  I like the kids to try and make at least one summer goal.

These are a couple of fun ideas to start thinking about and getting ready for summer vacation.  I see a lot of backyard picnics in our future and I am not mad about it one bit.  We love to eat outside.  Since we can't be in Disneyland every single day, I like to bring a little Disney magic to us.  The new Mickey and Minnie summer tabletop and kitchen line is adorable.  The food storage containers are perfect for packing fruit and sandwiches on the go.  The bag clip set of four is perfect to keep chips and cookies fresh and crisp.  The adorable reusable ice cubes are so much fun when you get to drink with Mickey!  They are a colorful set of 24 Mickey shaped ice cubes.

But nothing says summer like these Mickey Mouse popsicle molds. When it comes to delicious refreshments, Mickey has it licked with this set of Mickey Mouse Popsicle Molds. The easy-to-use set includes four different color Mickey handles so you know whose popsicle is whose or which flavor you chose!  My kids are obsessed with these!

What are your plans for this summer?!

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