Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

I absolutely love holidays. Halloween might be one of my favorites because I love Halloween decorations and I love to dress up. I wanted to share some of our past years' costumes. Happy Halloween!

Here are some costumes Blake and I wore before kids when we actually went out and went to parties

Sock Hop 50's Costume

Chocolate chip cookie and cow

Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner (I would like this body back now)

Plug and Socket
Police officer and convict

Woody and Jessie (one of my favorites)

Ketchup, Mustard and a hot dog (Carter's first Halloween)

Tiger, ringleader, and an elephant

Cowboy, horse, and cowgirl (I was pregnant with Kennedy)

This was the first year Blake and I did not dress up. Carter was a spider and Kennedy was a ladybug. Carter was so into spiders and insects this year. 2014

Carter was Peter Pan and Kennedy was Tinkerbell.  They wore these costumes to the Mickey Halloween Party in Disneyland and on Halloween night.  2015

They are just too cute!

Two Captain America super heroes!  They wore these costumes to Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland and on Halloween night. 2016

Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland Jasmine and Aladdin 2017

Princess Peach and Mario 2017

The kids have two sets of costumes this year! They will be wearing a set to Disneyland coming up for Mickey's Halloween Party and a different set on Halloween night. They are just so excited and so am I! I would love to hear what are your Halloween plans?

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