Dream BIG Princess

There is no wrong way to be a princess. Sometimes it is being brave when you are nervous, being kind to everyone you meet, but most of all it is about following your heart. Disney princesses just don't inspire girls they inspire the world. It is about never giving up, and giving everything you have to reach your dreams. Each Disney princess has spunk, drive, and determination. Like Rapuntzle, it is taking a leap into the unknown and never looking back. I want Kennedy to believe in herself, to know she can do anything even when it is hard or seems impossible. I want her to see and explore the world. I want her to be fearless and bold. For every girl like Kennedy that dreams big there is a Disney princess to show her it is possible.

We love anything Disney in this house and we are so excited to share with you these Disney Princess Comics Collection sets. They are inspired by the popular Disney Princess comic strip series from Joe Books. They got released this fall and can be found at Target.  Each 5 inch doll comes with a base and features 6 points of articulation, allowing kids to act out their favorite moments with each doll. We are loving these Disney Princess products. Thank you Hasbro, Disney, and Target for these Disney Princess products.  You can find everything here.

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