How To Stay Active Outside With Woom

Today I wanted to share one of our favorite activities with all of you... riding a bike! As a family we run, walk, and take stroller rides, but this is by far our favorite activity. We live in a beautiful neighborhood that is very family friendly. It is so fun to be outside playing and riding bikes around the neighborhood. It is so important to stay active and healthy as a family. Overall, it is such a great workout and so much fun. Carter is in the process of learning to ride a bike without training wheels and we wanted to get him a bike that would grow with him. He turned 7 this past week and we knew it would be the perfect birthday gift! That way he could enjoy his new bike the rest of summer and into fall.

When we decided on a Woom bike for Carter I knew it would be the perfect bike for him. Woom makes six lightweight, high-quality bikes for children of all ages, starting at one and half and going up to 14-year-old young adults. When it comes to the needs of a child, a Woom bike is unmatched. 85% of Woom bike parts are individually developed and produced exclusively for Woom. Each bike is tailor-made for the child's anatomy and needs. Woom bikes are 40% lighter than a conventional children's bike. This makes Woom bikes one of the lightest children's bikes in the world. When children feel comfortable on a bike, they are also more enthusiastic to ride. The best proof of this is that the youngest on a Woom bicycle learn to ride up to 30% faster.  By purchasing a Woom bike, you are investing in a bike that is made of sturdy aluminum material and this is a bike you can pass on to the next child.

Woom bikes come in 5 different colors. I knew Carter would love the blue. The bike we got Carter is a Woom 4 and it is made for children ages 6-9 years old. The Woom 4 is a dynamic bicycle that introduces children to gears! The SRAM X4 8-gear shifter expands the possibilities for the rider. Whether they are out adventuring in an area with hills or going on a long commute in town, this 20" bike is as powerful as the growing child demands it to be. I love that the bike already came with a kickstand and all tools and easy-to-follow in-home assembly instructions were included and it was so easy to put together.

 The seat is one of the most important contact points between child and the bike.  It improves the ride quality and experience.  The seat has comfortable padding to ensure the growing child rides confidently.  It is also designed to fit the hip bones of the child perfectly.  The seat is also non toxic and has no chemicals.  The seat has protective side fabric to protect the saddle so it can lean against a wall or place on the ground when not in use.  The seat height can also be adjusted quickly and easily.  

 The bike is equipped with 2 independent and powerful V-Brake brakes.  The levers fit ergonomically for hands of the young and growing child.

The tires are all terrain and are made for road streets, trails, or the woods.  Because of the excellent rubber compound Kendra tires can work on wet or dry ground.

 Skinned knees and this mama huffing and puffing behind the bike leads me to share some tips on how to get your child to ride a bike without training wheels.  First, I think it is important that they can pedal well on a bike with training wheels and know how to balance and sit on a bike and pedal to keep the bike moving.  Once you think they have that mastered it is time to remove the training wheels.  Make sure your child is relaxed and having fun.  Be sure your child always looks forward instead of down.  Go over how to stop and steer and the rest comes naturally with practice practice practice!  


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