Jim Henson Exhibition At Skirball

In March Muppet Babies debuted on Disney Junior and my kids are obsessed. They have watched every episode several times, we have every episode on their iPads, they have the plush toys, and other merchandise. I watched Muppet Babies growing up and I love that they are into it now too. I read about the Skirball Cultural Center recently and how amazing it is for adults and children. Starting in June through September they have a Jim Henson exhibit and I knew I wanted to take the kids to see it. I grew up watching not only Muppet Babies, but Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock and other shows that Jim Henson brought to life. I highly recommend visiting this beautiful cultural center. It was so nice, the cafe and restaurant are amazing, the gift shops are great, and there is so much to view and see for all ages. It was also very reasonable and parking was included. General admission is $12, children (2-12) $7, seniors (65 and up) $9, full time students $9, and everyone is FREE on Thursdays!

My MIL and niece Brooklyn joined us

 We also visited Noah's Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center and it was amazing. We could have spent all day here. We explored the 8,000 square foot gallery, listened to sounds and stories, felt textures, climbed into the boat made a storm, loaded animals onto the boat, climbed rafters, and more. It was amazing and my kids loved it.  I only got a couple pictures because we were so busy checking everything out and exploring this amazing area.  I highly recommend visiting Skirball Cultural Center and seeing Noah's Ark.

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