Imaginative Play With Vampirina

Kennedy loves Disney Junior’s animated series Vampirina that premiered this past October.  Pennsylvania transplants, the Hauntley family are friendly vampires who have recently moved from their home in Transylvania. The stories follow Vampirina (“Vee”) as she faces the joys and trials of being the new kid in town, including making friends and attending a new school in the human world. Along the way, Vee learns that it may be easier to blend in with her peers, but it’s more important to celebrate the qualities that make each individual unique.

Kennedy enjoys watching Vampirina and I think it is a wonderful show about celebrating every individual's unique qualities. I think this show portrays such a great message in every single episode and that is something I want Kennedy to see and learn. It is always fun to have a doll or some of the toys from the show you love. Two of Kennedy's favorites are her Rock n’ Ghoul Microphone and her Vampirina doll. With the microphone, she can sing along with the Vampirina theme song. She just presses the button to activate the light up effects and instantly she hears the theme music from the show. The mic features mini bat wings, so is perfect for little Vampirina fans. Disney Junior's Vampirina doll looks adorable in her signature spook-tacular fashion from the show! The doll is the ideal size and she wants to take it wherever we go, and I don't blame her. I love that it features poseable arms and legs to help inspire imaginative play. She even comes with a bat-tastic backpack accessory she can really wear! It fits perfectly in Kennedy's hand and even in the cup holder in her car seat. She just loves her new Vampirina toys.

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