36 Things You May Not Know About Me

Today I turn 36. It is not a glamorous number and each year that passes I am starting to feel a little bit older and always more tired, but that could be due to Carter and Kennedy. We don't have any major plans this year.  It is always hard during the week since Blake is working, Carter is still in school, the kids start swim lessons, and we always have something going on around here. I have been blogging since 2008 and have shared a lot about my life, but I thought it would be fun to share with my readers 36 things you may not know about me. I think you will be surprised by some of them! Enjoy!

1. I have complete OCD, like it is terrible. Beds need to be made right when we wake up, counters need to be wiped down every night even if we did not eat at home. I do the same cleaning routine each week and everything gets done exactly the same way. I barely let Blake help clean anything because most of the time I just go back over and do it myself. 

2. I have no relationship with my parents. I know this may come as a shock to most of you. I will spare you the details, but it was not a healthy relationship.  I am so happy with my decision and have never regretted it once. It was the right decision for my family. My children have never met them and never will.

3. Blake and I have never gone on vacation without our children or left our kids overnight just for fun. We can't imagine one of us not being there every night to make sure they are tucked in, read their bed time story, their backs rubbed and songs sung to them. We have a nightly routine and we plan to stick to it as long as we can. We are very dedicated when it comes to our parenting. Of course, when I had Kennedy, Blake's parents came to stay with Carter at our house. When Kennedy had surgery at Valley Children's Hospital, Blake's parents came to help out with Carter at our house, but Blake tried to go home most nights for our bed time routine to be with Carter since we were at the hospital for 8 days.  I just really want our kids to know that nothing else in the world is as important to us as they are and that they can always count on us to be there for them.

4. I am obsessed with celebrities and love meeting them. If you are friends with me on FB (my personal page) you can view an album of all the celebrities I have met. I have so many great stories and love meeting people that I watch on TV or have idolized growing up. My dream is to meet Britney Spears. She is at the top of my bucket list.

5. I have a hard time forgiving people that have lied to me, have stolen from me, or just straight up can't apologize to me.  I never forget and I have a hard time forgiving.

6. I have a things to do list that is typed out on a clip board and it is almost always with me or in my car.  I never write out my list or put it in my phone.  It is always typed and printed and at the end of each day I re-type it and remove the items that I accomplished for the day. 

7. I am obsessed with Coca Cola. I also only like fountain sodas with lots of ice. I am not a can or bottle girl. 

8. I love watching TV and movies, but have never seen many of the most popular movies like Top Gun, The Sound of Music, or television shows like Friends, or Golden Girls. Every time I tell girlfriends this they are just shocked. I just don't have any interest.

9. My favorite movie in the entire world is Troop Beverly Hills and I can recite every single word. Sometimes when I put it on in the house, Carter says the cookie movie again?! He will appreciate it someday.

10. I had an ectopic pregnancy before becoming pregnant with Carter. It is when the egg is fertilized outside of the uterus, which in my case happened in one of my fallopian tubes.  My doctor wanted to do surgery right away, but Blake read about these methotrexate shots that I could try that might help the baby pass out of my fallopian tube. My doctor agreed to doing the shots which were painful and this whole experience was not fun, but the baby eventually passed and I did not have to have surgery and eventually had Carter and Kennedy!

11. I had Carter with no epidural and it was the worst pain ever. I was not against the drugs, but the epidural did not work. I had an epidural with Kennedy that worked and it was magical. 

12. I am a girl's girl. If I see a girl's hair or outfit I really like I will tell them or ask where they get their hair done or where their outfit is from. This happened just the other day at Rubios when this girl had the best beach waves ever. I think it nice to compliment one another. It makes us feel good and I am all about compliments. 

13. I have a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies from SJSU. I currently substitute teach when I can.

14. I was a Delta Gamma at SJSU. I made so many great memories and wonderful friendships that I have to this day!

15. I am seriously a private investigator. I find out anything and everything, even if I don't even want to know it.

16. I love to dance. My dream was always to be a back up dancer for someone famous and travel around the world. I never pursed this growing up, plus I was never in dance classes as a child. So now I just perform for Carter and Kennedy!

17. I got in my first car accident (I re-ended someone) jammin' out and dancing to Usher. It is still hard to listen to Usher to this day. Thankfully everyone was okay.

18. Speaking of my driving skills, I did not pass the driving test to get my license the first time. I could not do a three point turn and hit the curb, which resulted in an instant fail on my 16th birthday.

19. I am chicken nugget connoisseur and only like them with BBQ sauce unless they are from McDonalds, in which case I want sweet and sour sauce.

20. I am the definition of a hustler. I have held a job since I was 14. In college I had two jobs. I have always worked really hard for whatever I have wanted.

21. My favorite color is grass green and my favorite candy are milk chocolate covered peanuts, like Goobers.

22. Blake and I have been together since 1996. I was a freshman and he was a junior when we met in high school. He was my first kiss, my first everything and I don't know any different and I love that.

23. I have a sister named Ashley. Blake has a sister named Ashely. Blake's brother married a girl named Ashley. So my kids only have 3 aunt Ashleys. Life gets confusing sometimes.

24. I am obsessed with Disneyland. I could go everyday. We do have season passes and go a lot. When we go to Disneyland we also wear all Disney gear from head to toe. I could not go to Disneyland with out my ears, a Mickey shirt, or my Mickey shoes. 

25. I have never smoked a cigarette or done any kind of drug.

26. I pierced my belly button in college and literally days later it came out when I was at Costco and I refused to get it fixed or re-done. I think it was sign from God that I should not have done it and Blake hated it anyways.

27. I am obsessed with my teeth. I go to the dentist all the time. I am always whitening my teeth. I wear my retainers every night and floss. I think a smile is everyone's best feature.

28. I hate pumping gas and the pumps know it, so there are lots of times they don't work and I drive away and have Blake go do it later.

29. I have never broken a bone. *knock on wood*

30. I said no to being a bridesmaid in a wedding. Believe me, it was the right decision and I still do not regret it. The bride asked me on a 3x5" lined index card that she mailed to me. She could not ask me in person or pick up the phone to call. I believe if she really wanted me to be part of her wedding she would have made an effort or at least asked me by phone. I really wanted to mail her an index card back saying no, but I actually picked up the phone and called her and said no. Yes, I went to the wedding and congratulated her and no we are not friends anymore and I am totally fine with this. You realize in life some people are not worthy of your time or friendship. I have learned this a lot over the years, especially as I get older and see things from a different perspective.

31. I was a huge WWF wrestling fan. My favorites were Macho Man, Queen Elizabeth, Hulk Hogan, and Ultimate Warrior. I would be lying if I told you I never YouTube old matches and watch them sometimes.

32. My favorite NKOTB member was Jonathan. My favorite NSYNC memeber was JC. My favorite O'TOWN member was Dan and I was not a Backstreet Boys fan at all. But I have met AJ and Nick from the Backstreet Boys before.

33. I used to be crazy about the Kardashians when they first came out. Like so crazy that whatever club appearance, book singing, perfume signing they had, I was there. I have met them all except Khole several times. I have even been to the Dash store in Calabasas and had some pictures signed of me with the Kim and Kourtney. I know, I am crazy! One time in Las Vegas I jumped this glass barricade just to get my pictures with Kim. It worked!

34. Speaking of Kim, one time she came to Fresno for an appearance and my sister and I got to sit in her limo and visit with her.

35. My favorite chef is Giada De Laurentiis and I have met her 7 times.   I try to go to every book signing.  She has 8 books and I have only missed one book signing.  I can't even talk about it!

36. I started this blog in 2008 as a journal for Blake and I about our travels, movies we saw, parties, etc. I can't believe it has almost been 10 years and I am still blogging. I have never taken a break and still blog about everything. What this blog has turned into has been amazing. Getting paid to blog, working  with wonderful companies, and meeting new friendly people has just been awesome. I thank all of you who read this blog!