Exploring Sea World San Diego

This week we were invited to spend a day at Sea World San Diego. I have always loved Sea World, sea animals, and I have enjoyed taking Carter and Kennedy each year. It is one of the top things to do in San Diego with rides, animals, shows, dining, and special events. We spent the day exploring all that Sea World has to offer. We went to Explorer's Reef and Aquaria Touch Pools touching fish, crabs, bamboo sharks, and more. The Pacific Point was probably our favorite where we got to feed fish to the sea lions and seals. It was so fun seeing penguins, octopus, bat rays, beluga whales, walruses, sharks, turtles, and more. We really loved the Dolphin Days show. It was just amazing and seeing all those dolphins and pilot whales swim, jump, and have fun was really cute. Carter just kept saying "wow" during the whole show. The kids loved the Pets Rule show which featured dogs, cats, pigs, and birds.  Here are some pictures of our fun day and tons of information if you plan on visiting Sea World this summer.

Ocean Explorer Deep Sea Discovery is also opening Memorial Day weekend. It features multiple undersea bases featuring unique aquariums and digital technology. You will go to new depths in a mini sub on an interactive ride. There will also be three new family friendly rides inspired by the sea. 

Sea World recently ended its long running Killer Whale show and this Saturday, May 27th they will debut a new Killer Whale Presentation. You will get to sit in stadium like seating, but it will be more of an educational experience that will show how killer whales eat, communicate, and navigate. We got to see the killer whales up close swimming and hanging out and hear about the presentation. Personally, I liked the killer whale show and seeing the whales splash people in the first few rows and watching those large beautiful whales leap out of the water, but I am sure this new presentation will be entertaining and very educational. At Sea World you can even dine poolside with the killer whales. It is a behind the scenes dining experience that connects you to the world we share.

My top can be found here.

Carter and Kennedy loved Sesame Street Bay of Play even though they have never watched Sesame Street. There are characters from Sesame Street, rides, games, and more. There is even a new show called Elmo Rocks which just started this month on May 6th, but it only plays on the weekends so we did not get to see the show.

I packed the kids lunch, but Blake and I shared the most delicious Caesar salad wrap from Fusion Smoothies and Wraps.

Sea World is a definitely worth visiting all year long. Starting June 17th through September 4th surf beyond your expectations and as the sea becomes alive at night and dive into Electric Ocean. It is an all new summer night time celebration. There will be lights, music, and live performances by playful sea creatures. The Halloween Spooktacular will be taking place from September 23 through October 29th. The Sea World's Christmas Celebration will be taking place November 18th through January 1st. 

Don't forget when you visit Sea World to download the free app SEAWORLD.COM/APP and it will show you show times, ride wait times, and special offers.

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