Patricios Do Oahu

We just got back from spending two weeks in Hawaii. We had a wonderful time and we are seriously so sad to be back to reality. There is nothing better than Hawaii. We are already planning our next Hawaiian vacation and it might be before the end of the year just the four of us, so I am already excited and making lists of places to eat and see. The first week Blake, the kids, and I stayed at the Aulani. You can read all about that here. Blake's parents and the rest of the family arrived after us and we spent the following week with everyone at Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club. It was a fun week full of swimming, snow cones, food, laughs, stomach flu (yeah... that happened), and so much more! Here are some high lights from the trip and some fun things I wanted to share with all of you just in case you are planning a trip to Oahu.  I want to add that we flew Hawaiian Air and I highly recommend it.  Our flight to Oahu and back was amazing, except the fact that I left a bag full of souvenirs on the plane home and no one from the airline can locate it.  Someone out there is enjoying all my goodies and cuddling with the kids' Moana blanket!  Other than that, Hawaiian Airlines rocked. 

While walking around Waikiki one day we visited the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Everything is pink and perfect in every way. I loved all the shops in the hotel, the employees were helpful and so nice, and I have a feeling I will back very soon after just visiting the hotel for a few hours.  These adorable wooden surfboards are located in the hotel.  

Also, while strolling Waikiki we came across a whole line of surf boards that you can rent or you can store your surfboard. It was very close to Duke's (which is my favorite place to eat). Carter took this photo and I think he did pretty good.

Also the cutest coffee shop/boutique hands down was Olive and Oliver.  I seriously just went for the cups, but the cappuccino was excellent as well.  I will totally be back!  I am obsessed.  The shop is located in the SurfJack Hotel, which was adorable and had the cutest pool.  

The Easter bunny found us in Hawaii and brought lots of toys, treats, and candy!  That Easter bunny was sure sweet to come all the way to Hawaii with lots and lots of goodies for 8 amazing kids!

On Tuesday Kennedy threw up by the pool.  By Tuesday night Carter was throwing up and Wednesday morning it hit me next.  Blake was running from bed to toilet trying to take care of all of us.  He was amazing.  So was my mother in law for changing sheets, doing all of our laundry and helping out.  By Thursday we were all feeling much better.  We did not have major appetites, but we think it was just a little 24 hour bug that got us bad.  I just want to say I posted this picture below on IG stories and I truly appreciate the friends that viewed it and actually called or text and showed their concern.  It really shows you care about me, my kids, and my family.  I thank you and believe me it does not go unnoticed.  Even the strangers I have never met that follow me on IG or sweet blogger friends that I have not met that reached out... thank you!!

Carter and Kennedy trying to eat a piece of dry toast and watching Full House.

There is a "real" mermaid that takes pictures with the kids and swims with them in the pool at the Marriott.  She visits from the sea on Thursdays and Fridays.  She is awesome and so sweet. 

Leonard's Bakery is a must.  They are like doughnuts, but they are called malasadas and they are delicious.  You can thank me later.  

My favorite favorite cookies are from the Honolulu Cookie Company and I love the chocolate chip macadamia ones.  They are a must try!  You can find these in Oahu and Maui.

If you plan on visiting Oahu and have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.  We usually go to Oahu every few years.  We visit Kauai usually once a year and we have been to Maui a few times too.  Obviously we can't get enough of Hawaii.  It is definitely our preferred vacation destination and the kids love it.