Happy 30th Birthday Ashley!

My sister Ashley turned 30 this weekend and we all know that 30 is a big milestone birthday. My sister takes her birthday pretty seriously every single year, no matter what age she turns. She always wants to celebrate BIG, with lots of parties, friends, dinners, lunches, gifts, etc. She really looks forward to her birthday every year and I love that. So, with her turning 30 and finally joining me in the thirties club, I wanted to plan a fun girls night for her. I invited several of her girlfriends to Wassabi Off The Hook (sushi restaurant) and we had a great dinner and celebrated Ashley.  Happy Birthday Ashley, I hope you had a wonderful birthday.  The best thing about having you for a sister is that I always have a friend.  I love you so much!

Each girl took home a favor, which was a nail polish with a cute note that said Mani Thanks.

I knew I wanted to send cute invites to all of Ashley's friends, decorate the table with lots of balloons, 30 decor, a festive cake, cute favors to thank the girls for coming and I wanted everything to be in black, white, silver, and gold. Oriental Trading has the most amazing party supplies, arts and crafts, school supplies, toys and novelties.  Oriental Trading helped out so much with Ashley's party.  They made it so easy on me. I went online once and selected what I wanted for the party. I was able to order all the balloons, table decor and everything else I needed for the party.  I did not have to drag the kids out in the cold weather, push them around in some dirty cart at a party supply store while I tried to remember everything I would need for Ashley's party. Instead, I sat at my computer and just added everything to my cart and it was shipped right to my front door. It was amazing and Oriental Trading totally rocks! They made life so easy on me. Thank you again Oriental Trading.

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