3 Magical Days In Disneyland

Disneyland has been calling our names! We were supposed to go in December, but with Kennedy just having surgery and not getting her bandages removed until December 18th we could not fit a trip in before Christmas. We were super sad because we love Disneyland at Christmas time. We actually planned and made a reservation to go in January and then we found out Small World was closed so we canceled our trip. We love Small World and could not go if the ride was going to be closed again since it was also closed the last time we were there, in October. We decided to plan our trip for February and we had the most fantastic weather and a great time overall. No matter how old I get each year, I always feel like a kid again in Disneyland and there is nothing more magical than watching and experiencing it through Carter and Kennedy's eyes. From the moment you feel the sunshine on your face walking down Main Street, venturing on to meet your favorite characters, Disney magic surrounds you every where you go. There is a castle straight ahead that always makes you feel like home. Journey through the gates to an enchanted land where flying ships sail to Neverland, cozy rabbit holes lead to wonderland, and a world of laughter that is small, after all. Where you think you have seen everything when you see an elephant fly and a wooden puppet dance with no strings, all it takes is a little pixie dust...

Day 1
We always take pictures in the morning before we leave!  We are so excited!

In Disneyland and DCA they are celebrating AP Days.  If you have an annual pass they are treating you to complementary popcorn, water bottles, Disney coloring pages, Disney buttons, awesome photo ops, and character meet and greets.  Each week they change the character.  The first week was Jiminy Cricket.  This week while we were visiting the parks it was Baloo and King Louie from the Jungle Book (Carter was so excited).  Next week is Roger Rabbit and the last week is Baymax.

While we were shopping and Kennedy was sleeping, Minnie came over to say hi to Carter.  Kennedy woke up to Minnie in her face and she LOVED it!  Kennedy is obsessed with Minnie Mouse!

Waiting for the Pixar Play Parade to start

Meeting Sofia while waiting for the parade to start

At DCA they were celebrating its 15th anniversary!

The parade

Celebrating Fat Tuesday in New Orleans Square

Dinner at Naples (Our favorite) 

It was National Pizza Day!

We love staying at the Disneyland Hotel because the castle lights up over the beds!

You can see in this picture below the fireworks!  Carter loves it!

Kennedy in her new Minnie pjs

 Day 2
We visited both parks, loved on lots of characters, ate too many churros, watched the Soundsational Parade, Paint the Night Parade, and Disneyland Forever Fireworks!

Toy Story Midway Mania (That is Carter's game face)

And this is Kennedy's game face

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

Our favorite ride

Tea cups

While visiting Toon Town Wednesday evening we bought a cheese pizza for Carter and mac and cheese for Kennedy for dinner.  The pizza and mac and cheese were actually very good.  So if you are ever looking for quick, easy, yummy kid food, try Toon Town.  It is also the best place to see the characters in their original outfits.

More new Minnie pjs and her balloon

Day 3

You're entirely bonkers, but I will tell you a secret, all the best people are!

Carter and Kennedy got some special one on one time with Donald and Daisy.  After getting their autographs a DCA employee asked me if Carter and Kennedy would walk Donald and Daisy all the way down Buena Vista Street.  I said yes without even asking my kids. I knew Carter would do it, but I was not sure about Kennedy.  Well, Carter and Kennedy each grabbed their hands and took off all the way down Buena Vista Street.  It was so special and Carter kept saying, "this is awesome!"  Of course this mama was taking a million photos and tears were in my eyes.  I will save you the million photos I took of them walking each and every single step.

 So this is why I think staying at one of the Disney Resort hotels is the best, especially the Disneyland Hotel.  I love how they let you into the parks an hour early and at the Disneyland Hotel the characters are always waiting to greet you!  As you can see from Carter and Kennedy's faces, this makes their day!

Kennedy would not leave Minnie alone

And this picture is everything!  Look at Kennedy's face!

I recently did a guest blog post about all the rides we enjoy at Disneyland.  You can read that here.  If you have any questions about hotels, where we eat, parades, or anything else please do not hesitate to ask!