Tinsel Is Back For The Holidays

Tinsel our elf flew in from the North Pole on December 1st like all other elves and it has already been a shit show in the Patricio household.

Dec. 1st: Tinsel made his grand arrival and Carter climbed on the dining room table not once but twice to touch Tinsel and get him out of the cup.  I know you are all wondering where I was when this was happening.  I was using the bathroom the first time and switching laundry the second time.  Yes, he knew the rules because we read him the book and reminded him that morning about not touching Tinsel.  I just don't think Carter cares about Tinsel losing his Christmas magic.

Tinsel left Carter the Elf On The Shelf movie (which we have watched 100 times and we really love it, just wish it was longer because 24 minutes is not enough) and Kennedy got Elf pajamas.  We swear by fleece footie pajamas in this house and we could not find fleece elf pajamas in Carter's size, so if you see a 5T in fleece and footie holler at Tinsel/me please.  The movie and pajamas can be found at Target.

Dec. 2nd: Since Carter touched Tinsel twice and misbehaved throughout the day, Tinsel only left Kennedy a present.  She got a stuffed Rudolph that sings Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer (which you can find at Target).  Carter was not phased at all that he did not get anything.  All day he said, "Tinsel left Rudolph for Kennedy and me."  Tinsel also stayed up high in the Christmas tree in the kitchen to avoid being touched.  I plan on keeping Tinsel up high so Carter does not even get tempted to touch him again.

Dec. 3rd Carter was better and Kennedy was legit!  So they each got left a little goodie.  Kennedy got a Barney Christmas DVD and Carter got a Disney Junior activity book.