Christmas 2015

Another year and another amazing Christmas is coming to an end.  We are so sad that it is over.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love, laughs, full bellies, and happiness.  On Christmas Eve we spent the day watching Christmas movies, cleaning up the house, and basically relaxing.  Both kids took early naps and we headed to Christmas Eve mass at 4pm.  It was a beautiful mass and it was so nice to go as a family.  Both children were pretty well behaved in mass for the most part.  We came home and I prepared dinner, we bathed the kids, packed the car and headed to Los Banos to spend the night at my in-laws house so Carter and Kennedy could wake up and celebrate with papa and grandma on Christmas morning.  Christmas morning came and the kids were entirely way too blessed with mounds of gifts from family and Santa.  The kids played tirelessly throughout the day.  We had lunch with Blake's parents and grandparents.  We stayed for dinner and then headed home.  We were so busy that I did not even get a family photo of the four of us on Christmas.  I am so sad.  The kids were so busy all day opening gifts, playing, eating, and running around.  We are so thankful for everything and feel so blessed.  Thank you Papa Steve and Grandma Nikki for an extra special Christmas.  We are looking so forward to a New Year and new beginnings!