Kennedy's Ice Cream Shop

Tonight we took some ADORABLE pictures of Kennedy.  We did a whole little ice cream themed photo shoot because we just received this sweet little ice cream sun suit from 3 Little Sparrows today.  I found this little ice cream sun suit one night browsing the internet looking for something just like it!  It doesn't happen very often, so I love when things like that happen!  I love shopping on Etsy, especially since I can read reviews on the shop to make sure I will be happy with my purchase.  3 Little Sparrows had great reviews, so I knew customers were very happy with their purchases, especially those who ordered the exact same ice cream sun suit.  I was so happy to find this sweet little outfit for Kennedy.  It gets really hot here in Fresno, so this will be perfect for the rest of summer, especially with an ice cream cone on a warm day!  

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