Carter is a Champion Swimmer

Carter just finished his third year at Jan Thomas Swim School.  We did "mommy and me" his first year, then last year he had private lessons with Mackenzie, and private lessons again this year with Mackenzie.  We love Mackenzie and will be requesting her again next year.  Her relationship with Carter is adorable.  He learned so much this year and it is because of Mackenzie that he is so confident in the pool and can swim so well.  I love to watch him in our pool.  He swims so well and can roll over and catch his breath and roll back over.  He is amazing.  Thank you TiTi and Grandma Nikki for coming to watch Carter swim over the course of the 2 months he had swim lessons this summer.  Carter, mommy and daddy are so proud of you!

This little girl was a champ every Tuesday and Thursday.  She would just sit in her stroller and watch.  Then as soon as we would get in the car she would fall asleep.  Every Thursday after swim lessons we would meet my girlfriends for lunch and I would transfer her from the car back into her stroller and she would sleep throughout lunch.  #luckymama