Carter's Close Encounter with Kangaroos at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo just launched a program that will run only on Sundays that gets you up close and personal with zoo animals.  Each Sunday is a different animal.  The cost is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.  The encounter happens every Sunday at 1:15pm, but they only allow 10 people to do the encounter so you have to purchase your tickets first thing Sunday morning when the zoo opens at 9am otherwise they may sell out throughout the morning.  Blake went to the zoo right when it opened at 9am and bought our tickets for the zoo today along with the close encounter tickets.  Yes, you have to purchase a regular admission ticket into the zoo as well as your close encounter ticket.  They are separate.  Carter and Blake were part of the first group ever to feed and pet the kangaroos at the zoo today.  They have never done a close encounter with the kangaroos before, so this was very special.  Carter LOVED it.  He fed the kangaroos grapes and corn and got to pet them.  He did so well and thought it was lots of fun.  We will totally do another one of these close encounters again.  We had a wonderful day at the zoo.  To think Blake and I traveled all the way to Australia to pet and feed kangaroos and now we can do it right in town.  Funny side note, Blake kept telling Carter to watch out for the kangaroo poop (it was everywhere) and not to step in it.  When the zoo keeper asked Carter how he liked the close encounter he said "I did not step in any of the poop", but when we came home guess whose shoes had kangaroo poop on them... yep, Blake!  So much fun cleaning that up!