Baby Girl Patricio Has A Name

Finally last night after lots of discussion and going back and forth with Blake we finally decided to name our baby girl who is due in May, Kennedy Nicolette Patricio. Blake loved the name Kennedy, we don't know any other children with that name, we thought it went very well with our son's name Carter, and they are both presidential names (even though we are totally Republican). Kennedy's middle name is Nicolette after Blake's mother, who in our eyes is a wonderful mother figure and the best grandmother in the entire world. I really love the name Nicolette and we even thought about using that as her first name, but then we knew that would get complicated when we fly and vacation together. We already have 3 Ashleys in the family, so we did not want to add any more confusion. Blake only liked 3 names: Madison, Quinn, and Kennedy. I loved several names: Giada, Sloan, Sophia, Stella, Olivia, Harper, Hayden, and so many more. My list went on and on. So after lots of talk and saying the name hundreds of times, writing it, and spelling it out, we agreed on Kennedy. I am so happy she has a name and I already started ordering things with her name on them. I can't believe I only have 12 weeks and 2 days to go!