18 Months

Carter turned 18 months old today. He is wearing a size 4 diaper, a size 6 in shoes, and 18 month clothing. He is sleeping through the night, taking 1 or 2 naps per day and running all over the place. Carter drinks regular 2% milk at nap time and bed time. Carter refuses to eat any more pureed baby food, so he is basically eating whatever Blake and I eat. His favorites right now are ravioli, rice, grilled cheese, yogurt, and any kind of cracker or bread (he loves carbs). He is still a talking machine. We read to him daily and he is starting to point to objects when we ask where something is. He babbles a lot and has started making animal noises. He says "night night" when he is ready for nap or bed time and "no no" when he doesn't want to eat anymore. He still watches the same shows. He will give kisses on command, which I love and he started blowing kisses too. He will also give hugs and he squeezes you real tight. He can kick a ball really good and roll it back and forth if you sit with him. He is really into stacking and taking apart leggos right now. I am so proud of him. Each day is a new day and I feel he learns so much. Happy 18 months Carter!