Play Date & Cori Pictures

Happy February! It is the month of love and I am so happy to have two Valentines this year! I am so blessed. We have been a busy family of three!  We had a play date with my sweet college/sorority sisters and their children. Thank you Jana for hosting at your house. We had lunch and let all the kids play and roll around. It is so amazing that we have been friends for over 10 years and now we are all married and have children. It is so fun to get together, talk babies and share mommy advice. I love these girls and cherish our times together!

The wonderful Cori Derksen recently taught a photography class and needed a baby model, so I was very excited when she asked if she could use Carter! My sweet friend Melissa took the class, so it was great seeing her and watching her learn from the best. You can see the pictures Melissa took of Carter by clicking HERE. I love all of Cori's work. She took my maternity photos and Carter's newborn pictures. You can see some pictures she took of Carter during her photography class below. Thank you again Cori for using Carter and for all of the photos.

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