Britney Spears' Femme Fatal Tour

My sister and I are huge Britney Spears fans. We have never missed a tour and we both can remember seeing Britney when she first started out and opened up for Nsync. Needless to say, even 7 months pregnant I was not going to miss this tour. We bought tickets months ago for opening night in Sacramento and last night was finally the night we had been waiting for! Britney had 3 opening acts. Right at 7 PM two DJs came on stage and performed music for 1/2 hour, then Jessie and the Toy Boys came out and performed for 1/2 hour, then Nikki Minaj came out and performed for almost an hour. The crowd really loved her. I am not a huge Nikki Minaj fan, but my sister loved her. Finally, a little after 9 PM the queen of pop graced us with her presence! I was on my feet all night singing and dancing. I don't even know where to begin... her body was amazing, her costumes were awesome, her hair was gorgeous, and she smiled and talked to the audience, which I LOVED! Her dancing was fierce, the stage, the props, and her dancers were outstanding. The entire show was a 10! I LOVED every minute of it! She sang over 20 songs and did almost the entire Femme Fatal album, along with some of her classics. If you have the chance to see her this summer, do NOT miss this tour! My sister and I had the best seats. We were in one of the lower sections just 12 rows back and very close to the stage. These are some of my pictures from last night!

Ashley came prepared with her Britney purse (she has had it for years) and her Britney cup!

Nikki Minaj

Hold It Against Me

Piece of Me

Big Fat Bass

How I Roll

If You Seek Amy

Gimme More

Drop Dead Beautiful


Baby One More Time

I'm A Slave 4 You

Burning Up (Madonna song)


Till The World Ends

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