6 Months

I am now 6 months pregnant and loving every minute of it! I have a lot to share with you this month. We have thought of a name for our sweet baby boy! We will be naming him Carter Stephen Patricio. We loved the name Carter and the middle name Stephen is after Blake's dad, who in our eyes is the best man in the entire world. I have already ordered burp cloths with his name and initials. We also registered.

Carter is now as big as a large eggplant and moving like crazy! He is kicking all the time and in this past month Blake can actually feel the kicks! This morning we could even see the kicks from the outside of my belly. It is amazing! We are trying to take it all in and write everything down so we don't forget any of this experience! I can't even begin to describe in words how much I am loving this!  This month our Larkin Pottery Barn crib and changing table arrived, along with the bedding from Posh Tots. I am so thrilled! Nikki is coming this week to help set up the room and help me make Carter's crib. The closet gets done this month and we are having the room painted. So hopefully next month we will see a big transformation in the room!

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