5 Months

I am 5 months pregnant and still feeling wonderful. Our baby boy is about 10 ounces and 6 1/2 inches long, the size of a small cantaloupe (I'm sure he's super sweet too!) in my melon size belly. Blake and I are still trying to figure out a name for this baby boy, but we are making lots of progress on his room. We ordered the crib, mattress, bedding, changing table, and chair. I am so excited for it to all come together. We are also in the process of getting the closet organized with shelves, drawers, and lots of hanging areas for his constantly expanding wardrobe. We are going to have a company come build it. Here are some pictures of my growing belly, the empty room, and the closet at the moment. Hopefully next month we will be able to share more exciting pictures as things start to arrive and the room progresses.

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