Meeting Tori Spelling At The Grove

On Monday my sister Ashley and I went to The Grove in LA. We were going because Tori Spelling was having a book signing for her first children's book, Presenting Tallulah. I am a huge Tori Spelling fan. I have loved her since she was Screech's girlfriend on Saved By The Bell, 90210, and of course her reality show with Dean and her adorable kids. I have read all 3 of her previous books and was so excited to meet her. She was so nice. She even took the time to pose for several photos with me. We actually got to have a quick conversation and she said she loved the necklace I was wearing. She wanted one right away (that of course made my night, since she has her own jewelry line). She was so personable and really spent time talking to her fans and signing memorabilia, taking pictures on iphones and digital cameras. It was awesome. Dean and the kids (Liam and Stella) were also there. It was so great to see them all in person after watching their reality show for so many seasons.

Tori's husband Dean

Tori and I just hanging out!

Ashley and Tori

During the day while we waited for the book signing to begin, Ashley and I were on the show Extra. I was on Extra the previous Monday with Nataile, Cherie, and Ashley VP when we were going to DWTS (see that blog post below). Extra with Mario Lopez films at The Grove every day of the week from 9am - 2pm. Ashley and I were extras on the show all day. Mario Lopez took a picture with my sister and signed an autographed picture for her. I got my picture with Mario the week before. Mario interviewed Travie McCoy from the group Gym Class Heroes and he had a big hit song this summer called Billionaire. The interview was great. We got to sing Billionaire with Travie McCoy and at the end of the interview my sister got her picture with him too. It was awesome. Ashley was so excited. She met 3 celebrities in one day and got her picture with all 3 of them! We loved being on Extra and can't wait to do it again!

The personalized autograph picture Mario gave to Ashley