Taylor Swift Fearless Tour 2010

Tonight we saw Taylor Swift at the Fresno Savemart Center and there is only one word to sum up the entire concert: Legen... (wait for it) ...dary! We have been to a lot of concerts and Taylor Swift was just awesome. We had dinner at Dog House before the concert with G&A, the Smittcamps, the Alfaros, the Ahlems, the Donnellys, and my sister and her 7 friends. It was so much fun!! Gloriana and Kellie Pickler opened up for Taylor Swift and both opening acts were so good. I love Kellie Pickler! Taylor Swift sang all of my favorite songs, but in case you were interested here was her set list: You Belong To Me, Our Song, Tell Me Why, Teardrops On My Guitar, Fearless, Forever & Always, Hey Stephen (which she sang standing in the crowd!), Fifteen, Tim McGraw, White Horse, Love Story, The Way I Loved You, Your Not Sorry (mixed with Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around/Comes Around") Picture To Burn, Fairytale (this song is on the soundtrack to the movie Valentine's Day and she only sings this song in concert if it was a fairytale kind of day. She does not sing it every night, so Fresno got super lucky!!), and she ended with Should've Said No. I love Taylor Swift and had the best time seeing her in concert again.

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