Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas. We went home to Los Banos and celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the Patricio family.  It was a great holiday filled with lots of love, family, friends, delicious food, good health, and so much more. Thank you everybody for all the wonderful gifts you spoiled us with! We loved being all together and look forward to a WILD 2010!

Our 2009 Christmas Card

Yale & Brooklyn on Christmas Eve

Grandma Gill cooking up her famous fried chicken for Christmas Eve dinner

Yale loved the Handy Manny Repair Shop that we got him for Christmas

Yale also got luggage with his name on it

Yale also got ski clothes

Leopard blow dryers for Ashley and I

Blake loving his car parts!

Nikki set the table so cute!

Grandma got a leopard Snuggie!

Keeping warm doing the Snuggie dance

Santa brought Yale a kitchen

Santa brought Brooklyn a toy zebra with several different activities

Yale and Brooklyn in matching PJs on the zebra

Grandma Patricio, Blake, and I

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