Dancing With The Stars

This past Monday, I was lucky enough to receive tickets again to DWTS. I was so excited. I took Nikki, and grandma Bernice. We had the best time. They were so excited to see it live because they watch it every week and every season. Grandma Bernice was especially thrilled because she was going to see Donny Osmond perform. Grandma and Nikki vote for Donny and Kym every week. My votes go to Lacey and Mark.  Yes, we are obsessed with watching DWTS and voting for our favorites. I have gotten tickets almost every season and have been able to go a few times and it never gets old. I just love being there when they film live and feeling the excitement in the room. I love dance, the show, and it made me so happy to share this experience with three ladies who mean the world to me and I love so much. We had such a fun day that we are looking forward to getting more tickets next season!

Lacey and Mark

Donny and Kym

Chelsie and Louie

Derek and Joanna

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