Disney Branded Television has announced that the first seven “Bluey Minisodes” will premiere Wednesday, July 3, on Disney+ at 12:00 a.m. PDT. The first two minisodes will also air on Disney Jr. and Disney Channel that same day, with the additional five episodes rolling out throughout the networks’ “Red, White and Bluey” marathon, which will take place over Fourth of July weekend.

Watch the tutorial HERE on how to make Bluey & Bingo Ear Hats

We have not been this excited since, well... ever!  Bluey Minisodes are coming to Disney Plus and Disney Junior on July 3.  The new ‘Minisodes’ are a collection of funny and sweet moments with the Heeler family. There will be some new characters alongside fan favorites.  So let's make Bluey and Bingo ear hats to get ready for July 3.  All you need is colored paper, tape, and scissors.  Click HERE for the Free printables.

The collection of one- to three-minute “Bluey Minisodes” is written by “Bluey” creator Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio. The shorts highlight funny and sweet moments featuring Bluey and Bingo, leaning into playful interactions and games that further explore the characters and world of “Bluey.”

In the premiere minisode titled “Burger Dog,” Bluey and Bingo dance to annoying music while Bandit comes up with a plan to stop it. The additional minisodes premiering in the first batch include “Bingo 3000,” “Muffin Unboxing,” “Letter,” “Hungry,” “Three Pigs” and “Animals.”

The second batch of “Bluey Minisodes” will premiere on platforms later this year, followed by the final batch in 2025.