Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Teacher appreciation week is here! These gift ideas could also be used for thank you gifts for teachers and staff for the end of the year which is approaching in just a few weeks. Remember those art, music, PE, and other special teachers too at your school. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and loved! No teacher expects any gifts, but it is so nice to make them feel special and tell them thank you for tying my child's shoes a million times each day, helping them wipe or blow their nose, listen to their silly stories, help them put jackets on and off, help them open packages from their lunch, and so much more. The list of things a teacher does all day long goes on and on. The work, love, energy and dedication of teachers holds such a special place in my heart. Being a teacher is no joke. God bless all teachers!

I added a Starbucks gift card, but you could do any kind of gift card.

Nothing Bundt Cakes