Oilpop Barbie Event At VanLeeUWen

Come with us to the Olipop Barbie event. We got to taste the new limited edition Olipop Barbie Peaches and Cream Soda. It's a sippable tribute to the Peaches 'N Cream Barbie doll. The soda captures her timeless, vibrant, and sweet, but not too sweet, spirit with an unforgettable fusion of real peach juice, vanilla, and white peach gummy flavor. We experienced a slice of Barbie's Dream World where we tasted this iconic flavor paired with ice cream and left with some extra peachy swag. We even got the re-released Peaches 'N Cream Barbie. Thank you Olipop and Barbie for inviting us. We really ap-peach-iate you! So go ahead, crack it open and celebrate the magic and joy the iconic doll has brought countless hearts over the years and make your sweet tooth happy too! Find the new Olipop Barbie Peaches and Cream Soda at Whole Foods and Sprouts and online.  Check out our video of all the fun we had HERE.

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