Let's Celebrate Earth Day April 22


Earth Day is right around the corner on April 22, and while Earth should be celebrated every day, this is a time to pause, reflect and pay extra attention to caring for our only planet. Earth is changing rapidly and I worry for my children and generations to come how it will impact their future. There are several movies and shows that can help start meaningful conversations and how we can all play a role in providing the hope, optimism, and solutions we need in order to care for planet Earth. I encourage my children to spend time outside and enjoy nature. With our telescope we are able to bird watch and do some creature spotting. We decided to try a tomato grow kit and all we need to do is add water. Hopefully we will have fresh tomatoes by summer. We built our own bee hotel in order to provide a safe home for bees. We can't wait to see their pollinating powers. The kids decorated the hotel with these beeswax crayons. There are so many activities, shows and movies to watch and more in this awesome play book that you can print for FREE below. So what are you waiting for?! Go celebrate Earth Day and help make a change!

Netflix has you covered with inspiring movies and shows for the whole family, including Our Living World, (TV-PG) a new docuseries launching April 17. Narrated by Cate Blanchett, the series explores nature’s seemingly magical abilities to restore the planet. And Spirit Rangers, (TV-Y) an animated preschool series where Native American siblings transform into animal spirits to protect their home and the creatures within it (a new season is now playing!)

Spirit Rangers

Our Living World

Dive into the Netflix Earth Week PLAYbook which is full of activities to help families start meaningful conversations about ways to imagine a better future while having fun together. Go on a neighborhood nature walk with your family, draw your vision of a healthy planet, discover the mysterious web of life, and more.

Whether it’s Earth Week or any week, you can find all our sustainability movies and shows at Netflix.com/SustainabilityStories and to download the Earth Week PLAYBook, visit Tudum.com/earthweek.

We love reading. I found some great books about Earth Day and I wanted to share them with you:

Lobstah Gahden - This delightfully punny story about ocean life, conservation, and cooperation is perfect for sparking conversations in the classroom and at home.

Climate Change for Babies - Teach toddlers about current events with this colorfully simple explanation of the science behind climate change. The perfect gift for environmentally conscious kids and families!

A Dolphin’s Wish - Dive under the sea with a family of dolphins and discover the dangers of plastic pollution.

Trees Make Perfect Pets - An endearing and environmentally friendly story about a girl's unlikely best friend...a tree!

What Does It Mean to Be Green? - Explores all the ways that children can help protect the Earth and its precious resources!

The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon - A sweet bedtime story that will inspire children to protect the Earth and encourage others to do the same.

Fancy Nancy Everyday Is Earth Day - Learning to respect the environment is no small task, especially if you want to celebrate Earth Day every day of the week! Luckily, Nancy is on hand to make sure Mom, Dad, and her little sister do their part in being green even if she has to keep reminding them. Nancy knows that she's helping her family do something very important, but will she take her enthusiasm for the environment a step too far?

Simple things you can do to help the Earth:

Turn off lights and electronics when not in use

Save water

Plant your own fruits and vegetables

Teach kids to recycle. Here is a catchy song my kids really liked