Thank you Mattel and Barbie for sending these items for Kennedy this Holiday season.

My sister and I both grew up playing with Barbie. We had the Barbie Dream House, more Barbie dolls than we could count, clothes, accessories, furniture, and more. I loved Barbie as a child and I still do. I loved dressing them up, styling their hair, and using my imagination to its fullest. Kennedy loves Barbie and has lots of furniture pieces, clothes, accessories and more that belonged to me and my sister when we were younger. I love to see that Mattel and Barbie make things that last for generations to pass down and enjoy. I wanted to share some of our new favorites with you that Mattel and Barbie sent our way this holiday season.

Tis’ the season to have a Barbie Christmas! Kennedy loves Barbie and so did I as a little girl. I wanted to share the ultimate Barbie wish list with all of you this holiday season in case you are shopping for a little one who loves Barbie as much as Kennedy. Believe me, there is something for everyone on this list. 

Barbie Dream Closet 

Barbie Dream Boat

Barbie Cutie Reveal 

Barbie Ken Doll 

Kodak Printomatic 

Barbie Chef Pet Adventure 

2023 Holiday Barbie 

Barbie You Can Be Anything 

Barbie Tennis Player

Barbie Shirt

Barbie Pop Reveal 

Barbie Tooth Brush 

Barbie Scrunchies 

Barbie Slippers

Barbie Pillowcase

Barbie Socks 

Barbie Bluetooth Speaker 

Barbie Chef


Barbie Cutie Reveal 

Barbie Blanket

Barbie Dream Big Activity Book 

The Story Of Barbie Book

I think playing with a variety of dolls with different skin colors, genders, and disabilities helps children, including Kennedy, look for what they have in common with others instead of focusing on their differences. Playing with Barbie dolls encourages your child to practice kindness, caring, and helping as they play.

This year Barbie wanted to thank Kennedy for being such a great friend and loyal fan of Barbie, so they sent extra goodies for Kennedy to give to friends or loved ones this holiday season.  Since Kennedy has had 2 surgeries at Valley Children's Hospital and has spent some time at Los Angeles Children's Hospital we decided to give back this holiday season and give some Barbie goodies to children who are staying at the hospital this month.  

Watch our video here donating some Barbie goodies!