Once Upon A Christmas A North Pole Adventure

A magical portal has opened on Balboa Island! Santa and his elves transported us on a tour of a lifetime!  This was a Christmas experience that was beyond our wildest dreams!  At Once Upon A Christmas get ready to tour the North Pole, ride in an elfvator, drink hot cocoa, hang out with elves, talk with Comet the reindeer, open magic doors, build toys in the workshop and cozy up by the fireplace with Santa himself. 

The MOST important, and magical element of this unique experience is that here, Santa will never ask your name, because he already knows you!  Imagine the amazement as Santa himself calls on your children by name as they walk through the door and recalls their growth and accomplishments this year! Picture the look on their faces as they realize that Santa not only remembers them, but he really has been watching all year!  Santa knew that both kids made gold honor roll, Carter is in the science club at school and Kennedy is in gymnastics and doing terrific.  The look on their faces was something I will never forget when they realized that Santa knew these things!

Right when you arrive you are greeted by Christmas magic!  The cutest elves are there to help you with your Christmas list for Santa, make you a cup of hot cocoa, and put you under Santa's naughty - or - nice spirit ometer.  Thank goodness both of my kids were on the nice list!

Your first stop in the elfvator is Santa's reindeer barn to meet Comet the reindeer!

Next stop is Santa's workshop where you can make snow globes and build-a-buddy stuffed animal.  

Next is your visit with Santa. Spend more time with Santa than anywhere else! Watch the surprise on your children's face as he calls them by name and recalls their year of accomplishments and growth! They'll have no doubt they've met the one & only, REAL Santa Claus!

Flying Elevators, hidden doors, appearing toys & more! We can't give away too much, you'll have to travel through the portals yourself & see what surprises await at season 4 of this enchanted, one-of-a-kind experience!

Portals Open Now through December 24th
Click here for tickets
114 Agate Ave, Newport Beach CA 92662