You know we are HUGE fans of the LEGO Group. We love working with the LEGO Group. I am a LEGOLAND California Blogger Ambassador, so we were so excited to be invited to this amazing LEGO DOTS event at The Grove LA. We love The Grove! It is a wonderful shopping area, with the best shops and restaurants, and there is always something happening at The Grove. Well this weekend you are all invited to come play with LEGO DOTS at The Grove and it is FREE! Come check out these larger-than-life scale experiences for both kids and adults. Explore the different aesthetics through immersive rooms representing three core aesthetic themes: Bold & Vibey, Island in the Sun, and Wandercore. You can also take the interactive quiz on-site to help determine which of the new aesthetics best fits your personality and style. Enjoy interactive areas to add your own special touch to the design. Each room offers ample opportunity for celebrating creativity and embracing boundless self-expression while capturing content and creating Instagram-worthy moments. So what are you waiting for?! Let's go to The Grove and find out what aesthetic suits you best!

The LEGO DOTS Pop Up Experience will be happening from August 26-28 from 10am to 8pm

The event was so much fun! We loved all three aesthetic themes and the rooms were awesome.  They had so much color and were perfect for photo opportunities!  The kids loved it.  The best part was meeting Anna Cathcart who played Dizzy in Descendants and Meghan Trainor.  My kids still watch Descendants and love those movies and Meghan Trainor is one of their favorite artists!  

The Island in the Sun room takes you to lush tropical places where the hot sun meets shimmering waters and makes your space feel like an escape to paradise.

The Bold & Vibey room is where retro cool crashes into trend-setting vision, energizing you with glowing colors and out-of-control patterns.

The Wandercore room is inspired by nature and dreams. It captures your boundless sense of adventure and makes your space feel as big as the world.

This interactive area where the kids got to create with LEGO DOTS was so cool.  They could have stayed there all night.

It was so fun chatting with Anna Cathcart and asking her about her favorite part of filming the Descendants movies.  Watch it here.

It was also so fun chatting with Meghan Trainor and asking her about her new album and her favorite song she has ever recorded!  Watch it here.

I really don't know how we got so lucky to score a photo with both hosts Anna Cathcart and Meghan Trainor.  This is definitely a framer!

Big thanks to the LEGO Group for inviting us to such a fun event and thank you for all the goodies!

Inside the boxes were LEGO DOTS, posters, adhesive patches, and more!  We want to share some of our goodies with you so you can create!  Head to our Instagram, and click here to enter the giveaway.

Make sure you check out this amazing event happening at The Grove all weekend.  Let me know what's your aesthetic!