Getting Crafty With Live In The Bay

I was honored to be asked to be a guest on Live In The Bay and share some educational crafts to keep kids busy this summer. These crafts are simple and you can easily make them with items right in your house. I am passionate about inspiring others to craft, spend time with their children and have fun! So let's get crafting!

Make a personalized solar system kit. Print the solar system here. Grab a box, some popsicle sticks, and crayons, colored pencils, or makers and you are set. Color the solar system, cut everything out, glue or tape each one onto popsicle sticks and insert them into the box and decorate. Everyone will love this craft and you can talk about the solar system. It is the perfect craft for budding astronomers. You can teach and share what planets have rings, what order they go in, and so much more.

Let's make zoo animals! All you need are toilet paper rolls, glue, paper and some fun crafting accessories. Almost everyone I know visits the zoo during the summer. It is affordable, educational, fun and almost every major city has a zoo. We love visiting different zoos in other cities, seeing a variety of animals, learning about their habitats and more.

Let's make a counting jelly fish craft. This craft will help with hand-eye coordination, counting, colors and so much more. Cut out a half circle, add numbers 1-10, add some googly eyes or you can draw some eyes, add 10 long pieces of string or pipe cleaners. String the exact number of beads on each tentacle. Kids can practice counting the beads on each tentacle and learn to count 1-10.

We love to read out by the pool, at night before bed, or when we are on road trips.  We enjoy reading educational books like the Who Was Series.  They are the best books for quick and easy information on various topics.  We recently read What Is The Statue Of Liberty and both kids had to make their own Statue of Liberty using whatever they could find around the house.

We read Who Was Charles Schulz and then we visited The Charles Schulz museum.  You can read about it here.  When we came home from our road trip the kids had to draw their favorite Peanuts character.

We read Where Is The Eiffel Tower and the kids had to draw their own Eiffel Tower.

We studied a lot about dinosaurs this summer.  We read What Was The Age Of The Dinosaurs. As a family we watched all the Jurassic movies and made our own dinosaurs.

If you are celebrating shark week and looking for some shark crafts, click here.

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