Yes, the house is already decorated for Valentine's Day and we are wearing our festive love wear! Today I wanted to share our favorite Valentine's Day books, crafts, home decor, apparel, and the kids' love baskets they are getting soon.

Here is the list of all our favorite V-Day books

We also love watching Be My Valentine Charlie Brown and it includes 2 bonus TV specials.

The bar cart is decorated for Valentine's Day.  You can find more home and holiday decor ideas on my Pinterest here.

These are the kids' love baskets for the month of February.  You can watch how I made Kennedy's basket here.  You can watch how I made Carter's basket here.

If you are looking for a homemade gift to tell your significate other, child, or someone special what they mean to you here are two really cute crafts that are so simple and affordable.

"52 reasons why I love you."  All you need is a full deck of 52 cards, 2 book rings, paper, glue or double stick tape and a pen or marker. Punch two holes on each card, cut square pieces of paper and glue one on each card and add a different reason why you love that person on each card. When you are all done take the two book rings and put it all together.

Watch the tutorial here on how to make this book.

This book is called "the alphabet of our love."  Find a notebook that has 26 pages and on each page put each letter of the alphabet in order.  On every page write something about that person that has to do with that letter. Get creative and add photos and special touches.  This would make the perfect V-day gift.
 Watch the tutorial here on how to make this book.

This is literally the first photo Blake and I took together in 1996.

If you are looking for simple Valentine's Day school ideas I have you covered.  All of these are FREE printables! Watch the video HERE.

I wanted to share the cutest cards with you. We love celebrating Valentine's Day and Minted has you covered with personal cards, gifts, and classroom Valentine's and photo cards! Kennedy picked some super cute classroom cards and the minute they arrived we could not wait to address them and add a special treat. I loved how many options there were and Minted also has cards, personalized puzzles, journals, frames, etc. Use code XOXOCHRISTINA20 for 20% off Valentine’s Day cards & gifts on orders of $50+

Some of our favorite Valentine's pajamas:

LOVE You More (Carters) 

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