Go On An Epic Adventure With The Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration

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There is nothing better than going on an adventure with your favorite Disney Princess Character. They discover new worlds, know who they are, never give up, they are kind and courageous. Disney is an enchanting world of stories, fairytales and adventure that can all happen in the comfort of your own home. Kennedy loves reenacting movie scenes from Ariel, Rapunzel and Moana. Parents, these Disney Princess Characters, plus additional characters like Queen Elsa, can only be found at Walmart. Each princess comes with a companion character, inspired from their respective movies. Kids can reenact their favorite movie scenes and imagine new ones.

Each princess and companion figure set was inspired by their own movie, so kids can imagine these characters beyond scenes from the movie, right at home or wherever they are. Removable accessories also help enhance play with pieces that resemble those from the movie, giving kids the perfect gift to imagine and explore their magical worlds and beyond.

The Fold N Go Castle is a separate exclusive item that helps create the full experience, “on-the-go”, with its portability and 20 accessories to enhance play.  The Fold N Go Castle helps tie the whole princess experience together.

Kennedy loves her Disney Princess Character Moana's Ocean Adventure with Moana and Pua characters, and accessories.  Kids can play out their favorite Moana movie scenes, imagining Moana and her friend Pua saving her island.  This would make the perfect birthday or holiday gift.  With Pua at her side, Moana is ready for her epic adventure.  This fun Disney Princess Character comes with Moana wearing a removable skirt and necklace. She's accompanied by a figure of everyone's favorite pig, Pua and an oar accessory. Parents, give this set of Disney Moana characters as a gift for kids ages 3 and up who love to imagine exploring the magical world of Motunui and beyond!

Disney Princess Rapunzel's Floating Lights Painting Playset with Rapunzel and Pascal characters is super cute.  This pack features 2 Tangled characters, including Rapunzel and Pascal, along with 4 accessories.  The Rapunzel character is wearing an outfit inspired by what the Tangled movie character wore, and comes with beautiful long hair that can be styled with her tiara.  Kids can play out their favorite Tangled movie scenes, imagining Rapunzel painting and venturing beyond the tower with her friend Pascal.  Parents, give this set of Disney Tangled characters as a gift for kids ages 3 and up who love to imagine exploring beyond the walls of the castle tower!

Ariel's Grotto Treasures features 3 characters from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, including Princess Ariel character in her mermaid form with gorgeous red hair, along with Sebastian and Flounder figures, in addition to 5 accessories: tiara, necklace, mirror, brush, and fork. Kids can play out their favorite The Little Mermaid movie scenes, imagining Ariel and her friends Sebastian and Flounder venturing beyond the sea.  Disney's The Little Mermaid inspired this Princess Ariel's Grotto Treasures set, and kids can imagine Ariel's world at home. Disney's The Little Mermaid fans can dress up the beautiful Ariel fashion character with the tiara and necklace and style her hair with the brush and mirror. There’s even a fork accessory, or as Ariel calls it, a “dinglehopper.” Parents, give this set of Disney's The Little Mermaid characters as a gift for kids ages 3 and up who love to imagine exploring the magical worlds under the sea and beyond!

Queen Elsa's Enchanted Forest Journey features 3 Frozen characters, including a Queen Elsa character and Olaf and Bruni figures. Queen Elsa is wearing her core outfit and removable boots inspired by what she wore during her adventures through the Enchanted Forest in the Frozen 2 movie.  Kids can recreate their favorite scenes at home. Everyone's favorite snowman friend Olaf and the cute and curious Bruni the Salamander accompany Queen Elsa in the pack. Parents, give this set of Disney Frozen characters as a gift for kids ages 3 and up who love to imagine exploring the magical world of Arendelle and beyond!

Fold ‘n Go Celebration Castle Playset features foldability, accessory storage, and carrying handle.  There are two stories of fun! Kids can play with their Disney Princess Characters and Queen Elsa on the main floor, complete with fold-out bed, or on the upstairs balcony.  This Disney Princess Character playset comes with 20 accessories including table, chairs, cups, forks and spoons, a bathtub and more.  Unfolded, the Fold ‘n Go Celebration Castle stands 2.9 feet/89 cm tall, big enough for any imagination.  Kids can take their Disney Princess Character fun on the go with the Fold ‘n Go Celebration Castle and the handle makes it great for taking along on playdates, vacations, or a trip to grandma’s house and when they’re done playing, everything stores back inside, ready for the next adventure.

The Ultimate Princess Celebration celebrates the heart of gold in Disney Princess Characters and Frozen heroes, and the fans who are inspired by these empowered role models to showcase courage and kindness in their own communities. Disney is asking fans of all ages to show us how you Princess, how do you change your destiny and impact the world around you through acts of courage and kindness? Because we think all these acts, big and small, are worth celebrating.  Embrace your courage and kindness all year long as part of the #UltimatePrincessCelebration  Follow along #UltimatePrincessCelebration to join the global celebration and share your favorite moments of courage and kindness.  Explore all new products inspired by your favorite kind and courageous Disney heroines, and access the free download of the Tales of Courage and Kindness storybook collection at princess.disney.com #UltimatePrincessCelebration

We love all the Disney Princess Characters because they are nice to everyone they meet, they are brave, and they follow their dreams. Remember all of these products can be found at Walmart. Each sold separately and for ages 3 and up. Tell us what you love most about playing with Disney Princess Characters!