Family Favorite Christmas books & movies

Christmas books are up!  We have so many.  Some go in Kennedy's room on her book shelf and all the others we keep in a basket in the living room.  A family favorite is Santa's Secret by Denise Brennan-Nelson.  Almost every book is linked below and I also share our favorite family Christmas movies to watch.  Every single book and movie has been reviewed by me and the kids and all are favorites.  Share with me if you have a favorite Christmas book or movie.

Christmas Books:

Today Is Christmas By P.K. Hallinan

The Nutcracker By E.T.A Hoffman

Disney All I Want For Christmas By Jared Smith

Elf Pets Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas By Chandra A. Bell

We made magic reindeer food on Christmas Eve to go with this adorable book.  You can watch the video here on how to make simple magic reindeer food.

Christmas Movies:

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