DIY Santa Binoculars

Do you have little ones who love to try to spot Santa on Christmas Eve? If so, they totally need some Santa binoculars! These are a total DIY and easy and fun for kids to make. The anticipation leading up to Christmas is such a fun time. Kids just can’t wait for Santa to visit their house. We love to use this waiting period for some fun Christmas crafting.

Let's make Santa binoculars. You will need 2 toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper, scissors, glue, ribbon, and other fun items to decorate. Cut wrapping paper to fit the length of the toilet paper roll and glue. After you wrap both rolls, glue them together. Glue the ribbon to each end of the binocular interior. Add tinsel, ribbon or pipe cleaners to the edge and add pom poms or anything else festive and fun.  Watch the tutorial here.

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