Build A Bear Entertainment Presents Honey Girls On DVD & Digital Today


In March I got to spend the day chatting with Ashanti, Tessa Brooks, Ava Grace, Aliyah Mastin and Frankie McNellis about their new movie Honey Girls. It was so much fun listening to the stories from set, friendships they made, what it was like filming and so much more.  Just recently I got to screen the movie and we loved it.  I watched it by myself one day when the kids were in school and Blake was at work and I knew they would love it too, so that evening we watched it all together as a family.  It is about friendship, following your dreams and never giving up!  It is a must see!

Three young musicians participate in a talent competition to discover the next great solo artist, hosted by global pop star Fancy G (Ashanti). Three of the competitors quickly discover that they are “better together” and form a secret band called HONEY GIRLS that has an immediate viral mega hit! Performing in disguise to avoid detection and elimination by Fancy G, these three competitors must ultimately decide what is more important... fame or friendship.

Back in March I was able to view a short trailer for the movie and then I interviewed the cast. When I interviewed them they had literally just finished filming the day before in Canada. They were so sweet to chat with. They talked about filming during this pandemic, who they brought with them to keep them company, the dancing, singing, and friendships they made. Ashanti hopes that the movie will remind everyone to have confidence in yourself and be comfortable with yourself.  The movie is really, really good. The songs are so catchy and we loved the dancing and singing. The girls are all different, unique and adorable in their own way. They all have a special talent and it is exactly what girls should be watching!! It was clean, good fun and exactly the movie we need right now!

I highly recommend this movie for the entire family, your children or just to watch alone. We seriously loved this movie!

Thank you for the plush dolls that represent the Honey Girls!  You can also have these plush dolls!  Find them here.

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