Calling All SuperHeroes Get Ready For DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power

Summer is upon us and some days are just too hot to be outside. One of our favorite activities to do as a family or just for independent quiet time is play on our Nintendo Switches. Carter and Kennedy each have their own and it is by far the best console we have ever bought. The kids have to use hand eye coordination, think and plan out their moves with whatever game they are playing and sometimes we even lose some calories while playing Just Dance 2021. Check out some of the fun we have been having with Nintendo.

Suit up as the DC Super Hero Girls and save Metropolis! Join the fight as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl from the animated series DC Super Hero Girls, and save Metropolis from some of DC’s most notorious Super-Villains! Each hero can battle baddies with a unique set of abilities: Wonder Woman uses her warrior skills with the Lasso of Truth and Flying Shield, Supergirl has Heat Vision and Super-Breath, and Batgirl can invent crime-fighting gadgets like the Batarang and Bat-Hook. But when you’re not out fighting crime, you have to balance the super life with their lives as teenagers!

Freely explore the city as teenage Super Heroes, but stay alert because you always have to protect your secret identity and you might even run into some of the city’s most mischievous Super-Villains like Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Star Sapphire. You can order DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power here.

Thank you Nintendo for sending Kennedy these DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power goodies to get her ready for the game!

Find the systems, games, toys, and more that’ll give everyone something to smile about this summer. Nintendo has something for the entire family, no matter the age. We absolutely love our Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. We play as a family, the kids play together, separately and it is so enjoyable. It is great family time and keeps the kids thinking, playing and being creative. We love it. Each game offers something new and exciting. Recently I had a Zoom call with Nintendo and Brie Larson (Captain Marvel)! We are really big Marvel/Avengers fans in this house, so getting the chance to chat with Brie Larson and hear what games she loves, her favorite characters and more was so cool.

Brie Larson chatted about how people underestimate Luigi and how much we need Princess Peach representation and how she needs her own game.  She talked about how her Nintendo Switch is with her at all times in an Animal Crossing backpack.  She is very accustomed to just playing the hand held version and she takes it with her to work and plays even during between takes on set.  During some of the most dramatic roles in her career she is playing video games in between takes.  It is a way to get in the flow, stay focused and remain present while loosening up and having a good time.  Her favorite games are Fortnite and Animal Crossing, and she loves playing and connecting with her family on both of these games.

Kennedy even got to ask Brie Larson a question!  She asked Captain Marvel what is her favorite single player game to play.  Brie said her favorite single player game to play is Zelda Breath of the Wild.  She also complimented Kennedy on her costume and it literally made our day.  Kennedy loves Captain Marvel.  It was definitely a pinch me moment.

Thank you Nintendo for allowing us to join this amazing Zoom call with Brie Larson and thank you for the goodies you sent the kids inspired by Mushroom Kingdom and Mario Kart.

Thank you Nintendo for also sending Miitopia for the kids.  

Star in your own adventure alongside your favorite people! Cast your friends, family or anyone you choose in a hilarious adventure to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord. Create and customize Mii™ characters of anyone you like.  With expanded customization in Miitopia, you can even add wigs and makeup to give your characters more…character. 

Foster friendship between your hand-picked Mii characters. Pair up your Mii characters at inns to build their relationships and see some personality-packed interactions.  Characters may also learn skills like “lend a hand” and help each other out during battle. Outings let you send character pairs on bonding experiences at the beach, a café, and more. Even your trusty horse can lend a hoof.  You can order Miitopia here.

What games are you excited about playing this summer?!

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