Celebrate Star Wars Day May The Fourth Be With You

May The 4th is Star Wars Day, an annual celebration for Star Wars fans all about enjoying things from a galaxy far, far away. The date was chosen for the pun on the catchphrase, “May the Force be with you,” which sounds a lot like May the Fourth be with you.  Today I am sharing crafts, costumes, and so much more to help you celebrate May The 4th with your family and friends!

Dress up!  You can check out our costumes here.

Play like a kid all day with Star Wars action figures and toys.  Click here and here for some of our favorites.

Craft your own Wookie! You need a paper bag, brown, black, red, white paper, googly eyes, scissors and glue. Cut brown paper into 4x5 inch rectangles. You will need 6 rectangles. Cut strips half way up to make fur for your Wookie. Two go on the front of the bag, and then lift the flap and begin overlapping the rest of the rectangles. Add eyes, nose, a tongue, belt and you are done. Watch the video here on how to make your own Wookie.

Let's make Yoda ears! All you need is glue, a headband, and green paper. Take some green paper and free hand some Yoda ears and cut them out. Glue the ears toward the bottom of the headband. I used a hot glue gun for extra security. Now you have your very own Yoda ears and you are ready for May The 4th!  Watch the video here on how to make Yoda ears.

Have a lightsaber duel with these cool new lightsabers from Hasbro.  Check them out here and our fun video we made here.

Decorate the house and make Star Wars themed snacks and treats!  Make sure to have Star Wars apparel.  Chaser Brand has some of the best apparel for the entire family.  My shirt can be found here.  Kennedy's shirt can be found here.  Carter's shirt can be found here.

Binge watch all the movies on Disney+ all day and night!

Whatever you choose to do, get creative and have fun.