Flora & Ulysses Premieres On Disney+ This Friday

Holy unanticipated occurrences! We had the honor of screening Flora and Ulysses a few weeks ago and recently got to interview the cast! Thank you so much Disney+ for this amazing opportunity.  Come find out more about the movie and some fun behind the scenes scoop!

I should first start off by sharing that our family has a weird squirrel obsession. We have very large trees in our front yard and a lot of squirrels have claimed these trees as their home. My children have named the squirrels, even though I can't tell the squirrels apart. The kids love putting all different kinds of nuts outside on the sidewalk and running back inside and watching from the window as the squirrels come down and eat the nuts. It is the cutest thing. So once I heard they were making Flora and Ulysses into a movie on Disney+, I knew we had to read the book first. We finished the book in a matter of days and we were honored to be asked to screen the movie for Disney+ and interview the cast.

The cast includes Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz, Matilda Lawler, Danny Pudi and more. It was so exciting to hear from Lena Khan (Director), Kate DiCamillo (Author) as well.

Flora & Ulysses is based off Kate DiCamillo’s popular children’s book Flora and Ulysses, the film follows Flora, the comics fan, and Ulysses, the squirrel, as they meet, embark on a series of crazy adventures, and discover the power of hope, love and family, even in the most unlikely circumstances.

Some fun facts that I learned during the virtual press junket was the author Kate DiCamillo is in the movie!  Kate also wrote this book after her beloved mother passed away and her mother had a vacuum cleaner that she literally LOVED and a very mean cat, so those concepts were put into the story.  They considered over 1,000 girls for the role of Flora before deciding on Matilda Lawler.  Alyson Hannigan easily said she consumed over 30 lollipops during the making of the film and her favorite flavor was fruit punch.  It was so much fun interviewing with the cast.  They were enthusiastic and entertaining.  So this Friday pop some popcorn and watch Flora & Ulysses on Disney+.

Click here to download a fun Flora & Ulysses activity sheet

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