Disney Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I love nothing more than Valentine's Day and Disney!  I can't believe Valentine's Day is this Sunday!  If you are looking for some adorable Disney Valentine's Day gift ideas, I have you covered!

There is nothing better than a plush Mickey and Minnie looking all dapper for Valentine's Day to make your heart skip a beat!  Minnie Mouse can be found here and Mickey Mouse can be found here.
I love the new Minnie Mouse headband with Mickey ears and the new Alex & Ani bracelet is a must for the month of love!  These can be found in Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort.

Can you feel the love?!  If you are headed to Walt Disney World make sure you pick up the newest Lion King MagicBand, as it will be sure to set your heart soaring into the wild!  You can find the Magicband here.

If you have not heard of Disney nuiMOs plush dolls you must be living under a rock. They are just adorable and I want to collect them all!  Minnie in the red dress can be found here.  The backpack can be found here.

This limited-edition doll set features both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in elegant attire and is presented in a delicious display case with hinged front panels decorated with confectionary.  Mickey and Minnie can be found here.
Share in the love and collect all six World of Disney Love Series Blind Collection Keys. Everyone will have the chance to get one of five designs, plus a mysterious sixth design. You’ll definitely want to collect them all!  The keys can be found here.

Which pin will you get? Each blind box contains one of six Pixar character Valentine's Day pins. Will you find one of the four known designs, or one of two mystery pins? Be mine!  You can find the pins here.

This 750-piece puzzle is based on renowned artist Thomas Kinkade's work ''Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Campfire'' from his celebrated Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Series.  You can find the puzzle here.

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