We Can Be Heroes Premieres on Netflix on Christmas Day

It’s a whole new class of heroes who come to rescue Earth from alien invaders in We Can Be Heroes. The Spy Kids and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl filmmaker is back for a follow-up film a decade later, and his latest is all about the smaller superheroes who step in to save their parents.

The upcoming action movie picks up in a future where Sharkboy (JJ Dashnaw) and Lavagirl (Taylor Dooley) are all grown up with a daughter of their own, Guppy (Vivien Lyra Blair), who’s lucky enough to have inherited a combination of her parents’ powers.  But when mysterious alien beings begin to unleash their terror on the Heroics, the earth’s superheroes, including Sharkboy and Lavagirl, plus Marcus Moreno, Miracle Guy, Crimson Legend, Red Lightning Fury, Tech-No and Ms. Vox, the world is thrown into chaos without its usual protectors.

In order to keep the Heroics’ children safe, they’re sent to an underground room at Heroics Headquarters, where Ms. Granada watches over them. But Marcus’ daughter, Missy (Yaya Gosselin), isn’t content to just sit by and watch her dad and the other superheroes fall.  Missy urges the other kids that they need to leave the room and she thinks the aliens will be coming for them next.  Using their powers which range from elasticity to time control to even predicting the future, the young superheroes team up to fight the aliens and save their parents and the planet by using their “secret weapon,” teamwork!

This movie was so cute and the kids laughed through the entire film.  Carter is 9 and Kennedy is 6 and they loved it.  I loved that the movie taught the kids about working together and teamwork, as well as the fact that power comes in all shapes and sizes.  It does not matter if you are the biggest, smallest or strongest, because super heroes comes in all different types and forms.

The kids were even more excited to interview Yaya Gosselin and Vivien Lyra Blair after screening the movie.  They got to ask them questions and hear all about what it was like making the movie.  They did their own stunts and we learned so many fun things about making the movie.  Kennedy asked Yaya and Vivien if they really could have a super power what would it be and why.  Yaya said "I think my superpower would be able to heal people because I feel like right now, with everybody being so sick, I think that is what we need most in the world, and I feel like that would be a really cool superpower."  Vivien said "I think for me, it would be talking to animals because I love just having them around, and being able to talk to them would be a dream come true."

Carter asked both Yaya and Vivien since this movie is about being a heroes, who is their hero or who do they look up to.  Both Yaya and Vivien said their moms.  Both girls shared that none of this would be possible without their mothers and that they do everything for them.  It was so sweet to hear how much they both appreciate their moms and love them so much.

It was so fun screening the movie and interviewing Yaya and Vivien.  We Can Be Heroes will premiere on Netflix on Christmas Day and the entire family will love it.  It is full of excitement, action, friendship, laughs, and so much more!

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